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Artwork Care Guide

How to display and care for your colored pencil portrait to make sure it remains in good condition for many years to come.

Your colored pencil portrait is made with high quality pencils on high quality, acid free paper. Colored pencil artworks on paper should always be framed behind glass if they are to be displayed. It’s highly recommended to frame the artwork with a mount / passe-partout preferably done by a professional framer. It is essential that the artwork does not touch the glass! (The used materials are oil based and will stick to the glass and leave a mark eventually.)


Direct sunlight

Colored pencil artworks don’t fare well when placed in bright sunlight. Where possible, try to hang your artwork in shadier spots (or if you really can’t avoid hanging your pieces in a sunny corner, chat to a specialist framer about placing your artworks behind UV-protected glass).


Temperature changes

Frequent or large changes in temperature can be damaging to colored pencil artworks, as can high levels of humidity or damp. When selecting where to hang your new artworks, consider how the requirements of the medium match up with the room in which you’re placing it. Likewise, in kitchens or rooms with open fires or radiators, bear in mind that strong sources of heat can cause warping or discoloration.



We love the idea of having art in the bathroom, but bear in mind that works on paper may not fare well. Good ventilation is a must to avoid mildew and surface damage, and I’d recommend chatting to a framer about how best to protect your artworks by properly sealing the frames to prevent moisture getting in.


Enjoy your art!