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Prices are in Euros

Please google or consult to convert the prices in todays currency of your country.


Import duties may apply to your shipment.

If your order is not to be delivered within the European Union or United States, it may be subject to import duties and taxes when the shipment arrives in your country.

Additional information


Your portrait will be safely packaged and shipped by registered mail.

Of course for multiple portraits you’ll pay the shipping costs once.

Shipping from the Netherlands to overseas usually takes 10-14 days. Currently due to the Covid-19 situation it can take longer.

You can pay me through my paypal account or PayPal.Me/CarlasArtwork in EURO’s.

I would appreciate it very much if you would let me know within a week after enquiry if you decide to order.

Many requests come in and booking spots can sometimes fill up quickly.

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